Mitt Romney’s KKK slogan

Mitt Romney Uses KKK Slogan

Can he be trusted?

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Mitt Romney and the KKK use the same slogan

Lots of organizations are present in the United States. Some of them are pro-government, while others are opposed to what it is. One of the organizations that are anti-government is the KKK or Ku Klux Klan. They are totally against the system imposed by the Federal Government. With many things done by this organization that is against the law, they are being considered as one of the terrorists of the country.

One of the incidents, which had made a big noise in the USA, is when Romney uses KKK slogan. This catches the attention of all US citizens. Knowing the KKK history of becoming vigilant, it definitely strikes the attention of the US citizens who are afraid of the organization. As a former Governor of Unites States, it is definitely not ideal to use the slogan of a certain organization serving as terrorists within country. In connection with the use of the KKK slogan, Mitt Romney immediately apologized. He explains that it is her secretary who is the one responsible for it. He also knows the Ku Klux Klan history and he said that he, himself is against the organization. He says sorry for being irresponsible for overlooking that simple yet had great impact slogan. He also tells that because of the incident he fires her secretary.

Despite of the effort that Mitt Romney did, he was still criticized by people particularly the US citizens. KKK is an organization that for most US citizen is not a trustworthy organization. They are fighting for US but not in an ideal manner. They fight in the wrong way. Base from the KKK history, the organization before kills life of innocent individual and also destroys property. Because of this, lots of people in this generation are frightened for the group.

Mitt und freunds 300x228 Mitt Romneys KKK sloganThere lots of ways that Ku Klux Klan does in order to recruit new members. There is news that the organization leaves fliers on mails box on certain neighborhood in United States that truly alarm the residents. Most of them are frightened because what if their kids are the one who get it and convince to join the group. Hence, because of the KKK slogan that was use by the Mitt Romney, people were easily alarmed what if children will see and use the same slogan. Especially, the slogan was presented in a conference that lots of people could read and see. The best recruitment method that the Ku Klux Klan uses is their KKK website. If you are person who do not have idea about Ku Klux Klan you will be easily convince as most of the things written in it are positive and very enchanting. The organization is presented in a way that they do good things for the country and for its member. Based from the KKK website, the organization does ways for the betterment of the country.

The incident that involves Mitt Romney in using the slogan of KKK makes him more vigilant on the presentation the he uses. Now he always ensures that the incident will not happen again.

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