KKK Prank Trooper

Prank trooper arrested

KKK Prank Trooper Arrested

kkk prank trooper KKK Prank Trooper

KKK prank trooper

Strange things happen in this world. And so do alarming things. It’s not precisely about my strange addiction kind of thing, (you could find lots of facts on my strange addiction (TLC), though. Like the way beauty beholds into the eyes of the viewer, it differs a lot from one individual to another what is alarming and what isn’t. Something that might be shocking to an environmentalist might be great news for an industrialist. But whatever the odds might be, it is true that a trooper participating in a 2008 KKK prank is faced with drunken driving charges alongside weapons charges when he crashed his truck just this weekend. People have different types of addiction. Meet Eric Wlodarsky, the trooper who is with Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Milan post. This guy made headlines for the first time 3 years ago as he took a photo of his fellow trooper who was dressed oddly in KKK or Ku Klux Klan-type garb even though he was on duty. That day was the one before Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Did this guy ever confess anything saying ‘this is my strange addiction?’ Probably no! But people like him can hardly escape the focus of programs like my strange addiction (TLC). In course if time, he (Wlodarksy) crashed a truck right into a big tree on Ohio 13, which was about one mile of Ohio 2. There was a 911 call alright and it came from one of the locals at around 1 a.m. You can listen to the original 911 call online. Sheriff’s Captain Paul Sigsworth said that the resident heard that crash or the case might be such that they heard the car’s horn blowing. Wlodarsky did call 911 only a while after that requesting that the authority dispatches the Ohio State Highway Patrol to his misshaped location. Sheriff’s deputies, were on their way already though, which explains why the Patrol didn’t show up till Wlodarsky took and actually failed some field sobriety tests. This was confirmed by Sigsworth. Wlodarsky originally told the deputies something weird. He said that he had a companion who was actually driving the car, according to Sigsworth. The woman — still unidentified — has denied the man’s claim that she was the driver. But finally, the time came when Wlodarsky confessed to his deputies that he indeed was the driver OH Trooper Wlodarsky blamed girlfriend for DUI crash 2011b 200x300 KKK Prank Trooperwho ended up with the mishap. While the deputies searched Wlodarsky’s truck, they found a fully loaded handgun as well, and it was definitely not one of his Patrol-issued arms. Deputies had no choice but to arrest Wlodarsky on the charge of driving under the influence of intoxicants. They also brought separate charges against him on failure to control. The third charge was on possessing weapons while being intoxicated. The deputy managed to take him to the nearby Huron Police Department. There Wlodarsky submitted to the alcohol breath test. The guy actually gave a high reading of 0.13% blood alcohol presence, where the legit limit is 0.08%. Neither Wlodarsky nor that woman in question sustained any kind of injuries in that crash, according to Sigsworth. He wasn’t booked behind the bars, though and was rather given a summons for the charges brought against him. The gun was finally confiscated and he was released by the deputies to a rather moderate party. Don’t be astonished if he keeps admitting, “my strange addiction is driving while being drunk.”

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