KKK or Cone?

Cone or Ku Klux Klan?

ice cream costume kkk 300x169 KKK or Cone?

KKK or Ice Cream Cone?

Manager Lisa Diaz is now in a delicate situation since the opening of its ice-cream and sandwiches shop. Television and newspapers are talking about the ku klux klan’s existence in they own neighborhood. The customers avoided to enter the place next to Ocala Fla intersection. The motorists are talking about a KKK member who appears periodically in front of the store, trying to get their attention. Some of them are saying that the guy has a kkk website address too. Anyway, the people are talking about a place of the ku klux klan where they might meet every day and discuss the kkk history. The word is spread, and nobody wants to enter the shop. Some of them want to call the Police and point out the awful situation that exists in their district.
The manager’s idea was to dress one of hers employees in a vanilla ice-cream cone, so the customers would be attracted to the shop. Lisa Diaz doesn’t even know anything about the cruel killing machine. Her husband told her after she became famous in the worst of ways. She decided to change the white cone immediately and to continue business without the fear that she might appear on some kkk website. Now the customers seem to agree the corner shop ice-cream existence.
Ku Klux Klan1 300x205 KKK or Cone?The kkk history is one of blood and chaos. It was created in Florida and then spread across America. A kkk website is talking about the dark years of the American history and how where they marked by the KKK white supremacy organization within the kkk history. Many people suffered in that period, beginning with the 1860s in Tennessee, for a long period of shame and extremism in the US history. The existence of the ku klux klan is quoted by historians in three clans, created in three different periods. In every form, the KKK was always an extremist, subversive and terrorist organization that fought for sick ideals of some disturbed individuals. All the kkk history is full of crimes and ritual killings that horrified the people of the world and many people are complaining about one or other kkk website which can corrupt their kids.
Across the years, the members of the ku klux klan are fewer and fewer but the magnitude of their atrocities has no limit. Killing black people, they managed to turn the attention of the entire world not only the rage of the Americans, but also on the bloody organization. Starting from 1920 from a number of 4 million members, in 2008 the organization has now about 600 000 militants. Many people tried to declare the KKK as a terrorist faction and put it outside the law, but there are some people who developed their anger and deception against the society through this kind of exhibition. The decline of the kkk is obvious, but some other organizations absorbed the unorganized factions of the clan. Having the same evolution with the kkk history, those organizations took care of the remains of the clan and reorganized them. You can find now a kkk website and read there the kkk history.

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