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Jerry Thompson Infiltration in the KKK

My Life in the Klan

Jerry Thompson KKK KKK Infiltration

Jerry Thompsons My Life in the Klan

The KKK is an extreme right organization that believes in white supremacy. It has been there in the US for the last 150 years though there are three distinct phases that are suggestive of the changing colors of the group like a chameleon. The Klan, as the members of the group like to refer it to, came into existence way back in 1860’s as a result of a feeling of dissent and oppression that whites had against black domination in the southern states of the country. The group engaged in cross burning, staging rallies and issuing threats and sometimes real violence against blacks. In extreme cases, properties of blacks were burnt and blacks lynched. The members of the Klan, widely known as Ku Klux Klan, wore long white robes with masks and used terror as a weapon to drive away blacks from southern states. With state machinery coming down swiftly over the perpetrators of crimes, the group could not sustain the movement and came to a natural death.

KKK history tells us that the group raised its head once again in 1920’s and this time was not limited to anti black sentiment as it also included anti Semitism and anti communism within its fold though the members still wore the same robes and burnt crosses. The movement received much wider support in this phase and KKK website tells us that the organization had fanned out to northern states as well with membership reaching nearly 5 million or 1 out of every 5 whites.

The third phase began in the 60’s and is believed to be still continuing though membership has been greatly reduced. There are however more than 180 nationwide chapters with office bearers. Recent spurt in activities of KKK is being attributed to ascension of Barrack Obama to the post of the President of the US.

kkk 300x300 KKK InfiltrationRecently there has been a book written by Jerry Thompson that has been in the limelight as the writer claims to have been an infiltrator in the Klan during 1980. His experiences in the Klan have been recounted in the book titled My Life in the Klan. He describes how he went inside the Klan as an undercover agent. He reported that FBI action had weakened the group to a great level and the office bearers were fighting with each other and blaming for the fiascos. One of the leaders of the Klan, Bill Wilkinson has been revealed as having been working for the FBI. Jerry writes that leaders of the Klan were too worried about the law suits filed by Southern Poverty Law Center and they tried to conserve money by curtailing activities of the clan to pay for the damages claimed by these law suits. Though there is nothing in the book that people already do not know about the Klan, there has been much interest shown by the people and the book is selling like a hotcake. This is also because the kids and the younger generation are curious to know about KKK.

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