Black Man Sends KKK Letters



Black Man Sends Threat Letters from KKK: Shocking but True

Black KKK 268x300 Black Man Sends KKK Letters

African American Klansmen

Triple K or KKK sends shivers down the spine of some individuals who know what this word phrase stands for. KKK has been there in the US for more than 150 years now though there are three distinct phases of this extreme right win organization that ostensibly stands for white supremacy, racism, anti communism and many other policies that have criticized by the society as a whole. The members of KKK strike terror in the minds of Jews, blacks and other colored people in the population because of known incidents in the past where proponents of this organization have used violence to attack and terrorize ethnic groups and individuals.


Recently an African American admitting to having sent threatening letters to officials to evict blacks from Chevy Chase Apartments in O’Fallon, Illinois before they get attacked by a group made news. The man admitted to having sent hate mails but what was shocking was his racial affiliations with him having an African American descent. Till now, Ku Klux Klan has traditionally been thought of as a white organization hating blacks and their advancement in American society.  But a black man himself claiming to be a member of this right wing organization and threatening to use violence against fellow blacks is what is puzzling the authorities. Is this the start of another, possibly 4th phase of KKK that has already seen 3 distinct phases in the last 150 years?


Authorities are yet to decipher what was on the mind of the accused, Justin Lamar Kidd, a 28 year old African American when he wrote threat letters to police officials. But police says it is not prepared to take anything lightly.


gay black kkk 300x199 Black Man Sends KKK LettersIf one tries to take a look at KKK history, it becomes clear that the movement which began in 1860’s as a way to show their displeasure against the advancement of the African Americans in the country in the Southern States turned into one of disgruntled white population protesting against unemployment and anti Semitism in the 1920’s. This was the time when membership of the organization reached its peak to around 5 million. The extent and reach or KKK was really wide during this time with even the northern states joining in. The 3rd and final phase (yes, even the KKK website never imagined a day would come when a black man would pose as a member of the clan) is believed to be continuing at present though the membership of the clan has reduced and become very thin. Though there are 180 chapters of the group spread all over the country, the membership is not more than a few hundred thousand.


Probably the movement has gained momentum with a black African American having become a President of the country which is an event not even in the wildest dreams of the right wing white Americans. It only confirms the fears of the officials and politicians; that Ku Klux Klan is alive and thriving. Wake up America, before something dreadful happens and hurts the image of the country.

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