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Strengths of the KKK:

Increasing and Decreasing in Every Phase

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kkk strenghts

Those who thought that racism is a thing of the past and that white superiority as concept is long dead have been proved wrong as the extreme right movement of the past, the KKK, is seen making moves again. Ku Klux Klan is known as a hate group that arose for the first time in the after math of the Civil War when the white population in the southern states felt that blacks and ethnics were taken over their rights and opportunities in jobs and administration. This was the first phase of the Klan movement that saw whites asserting their rights by oath taking and marching down the streets dressed in white robes carrying torches in hands at nights. The first phase of the movement is known for promotion of hatred and terrorism and is also known as a dark phase in the composite culture of the US.

After the civil war, the reconstruction program of the government started at a time when the southerners were full of horror because of all the damage that took place and provided a breeding ground for KKK to take roots. The founders of KKK believed in white supremacy and spread hatred against blacks and Hispanics as they believed that these people were responsible for poverty and unemployment among whites.

The Klan, that was formed by 6 confederate veterans indulged in activities that were not sinister to say the least, and at best could be described as ridiculous as the members roamed on streets in white robes and masks with long and pointed hats striking terror in the minds of blacks in the society, indirectly telling them to get out of the state. The selection of the name added to the mystery of the group and slowly, the incidents of threatening and using force against blacks increased and brought a bad name for the Klan.

However, the movement petered out as whites realized that reconstruction did not mean favor and appeasement of blacks and by the turn of the new century, people had almost forgotten about the Klan and KKK never received popular support outside the southern states.

british nationalism in ireland racism and sectarianism as the orange order celebrates the kkk 189x300 KKK strengthsThe second phase of the Klan it was in the new century from 1915 onwards when KKK raised its ugly head once again, and this time, because of support from people in administration, the movement gained movement in many states of the country. And at one point of time, the membership swelled to nearly 6 million citizens. The strength of the Klan during this period was much more than it was launched in the country after the civil war. During this phase, the movement was not restricted to anti black sentiment alone and Jews became the centre of target of the Klan members. Socialism was also a target of the Klan in this phase that can be considered to the best phase for the Klan. All this information is available for readers on the official KKK website. KKK history tells us that the movement is never completely dead, and it has raised its head again today.

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