Ku Klux Klan Structure

Ku Klux Klan Overview

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the kkk organizational structure

The KKK is a white supremacist terror group that promotes white superiority and separation of race. They accept as their own only straight Caucasian followers of Christ and believe that no one besides that group should have civil rights.

The KKK was founded originally by four Tenesseean civil war vets in 1865. These Southern Confederate soldiers founded this organization with good intention that metamorphosed into acts of hate and terror by the end of the 1870′s

There was a second and third revival of the ku klux klan that diversified their targets of hate to include such races and individuals that were gay, biracial, immigrants, or anyone not following their Christian beliefs.

The structure of the KKK is as follows

KKK Organizational Hierarchy

The KKK membership has grown to approximately 5000 members as of this date.

The KKK organizational hierarchy is below

Grand Wizard Ten Genii

Grand Magi

Grand Scribe

Grand Dragon Eight Hydras

Grand Titan Six Furies

Grand Giant Four Goblins

Grand Cyclops Two Night Hawks

Grand Monk Grand Exchequer Grand Turk Grand Sentinel

The Grand Wizard is the KKK’s national leader. Beneath him in the Genii he is supported by 10 meni.
The Grand Magiis the vice-president of the KKK. He assumes the responsibility of the Grand Wizard in any absence.

The Grand Scribe serves as the secretary for the Klan and dictates meetings and events for the KKK

The Grand Dragon of the Realm has authority over his state which is assigned to him by the grand wizard. His eight men are eight in number and thus referred to as the Hydras.

The Grand Titan of Dominion manages the territories within the states. Oftentimes they may manage several counties at once. Helping him of his duties are six individuals references as the furies.

The Grand Giant of the Province manages counties or smaller lands. Assisting him are four men referred to as Goblins.

The Grand Cyclops of the Den manages chapters of the Klan with two individuals known as Nigh Hawks. and the Grand Monk is the third in command of these chapters.

The Grand Turk executes meetings and serves as the highest officer to the Grand Cyclops. He also manages ceremonial procedures of meetings.

An individual referred to as the Grand Sentinel has jurisdiction over the Lictors who guard the Klan members while meetings are in order. Managing the finances is an individual known as a Grand Exchequer and all other individuals of the Klan with no designation are Ghouls.

The ceremonial procedures of the KKK are laid out below

Once an incarnation has begun secret codes and messages are used that have an emphasis on the letters K and L. These secret tongues are said to be used in order to protect individual KKK members Identities as proceedings go forth.

The Imperial Wizard is the president of the KKK

The Imperial Klonsel handles all legal matters on behalf of the KKK

The Imperial Kleagleis an executive officer and reviews documentation provided by the Grand Goblins

The Grand Goblin manages multi states areas. These areas can be found in Philidelphia, New York, Boston, Los Angelse, Chicago, Houston, St. Louis, and Atlanta.

The King Kleagle manages states on behalf of the KKK

The Exalted Cyclops manages dens or klaverns

The Klaliff is the second in command in these meetings

A Klokard gives lectures on behalf of the KKK

A Kludd can also be referred to as a KKK Chaplian

A Kligrapp takes notes and serves as the secretary for the KKK

A Klabpee is a treasurer that manages finances

A Kladd conducts during ceremonial procedures

A Klarogo is a bailiff guarding the interior chambers

A Klexter manages the security of the outside chambers of the ceremonial procedures

Night Hawks are tasked with recruitment of new members for the KKK

These new members are often referred to as Aliens

Membership statistics of the KKK can be broken down as such

kkk women 300x199 Ku Klux Klan Structurerecruits of the KKK oftentimes come from the US and Canada. Stereotypical KKK members are thought to be redneck farmers which is just untrue. Members vary in their demographics and income levels. They keep their organizations going financially by requiring member to pay initiation fees as well as their wardrobe. These fees help fund the organization and what it does and is usually funneled towards the top of the organization. Although the KKK wanted to keep their membership numbers under wraps, eventually these numbers came to fruition. Despite this the KKK likes to use secret hand symbols and tips and tricks in order to recognize their fellow brethren. They use the abbreviation AYAK which stands for are you a klansman. If successful this is followed by AKIA which means a Klansman am I.

Since its founding the numbers of the KKK vary based upon the demographics surrounding them at the time. They usually do quite well in times of great uncertainty. Our calculations show their membership numbers to be as follows.

Here is the breakdown Year by Year

Membership numbers are as follows
1920 4,000,000
1924 6,000,000
1930 30,000
1980 5,000
2008 6,000

As you can see the KKK fluctuates based on the times and events surrounding the organization.

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