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People in US are aware of the existence of a right wing separatist organization by the name of KKK or Ku Klux Klan for the last 150 years. What most kids and youth of today might not be aware of is the colorful past of this group which became infamous because of a call to white supremacy to terrorize blacks in the country and threatening and actually using violence against them. The group came into existence in 1860’s to protest against advancement of blacks in the society and economy and was largely present in the southern states. This was the time when Republican Party was trying to work for political and economic equality for blacks. This was detested by whites in southern region who formed this organization and resorted to violence, burning of cross, and staging rallies despite being banned by the authorities. All this resulted in hatred for the initials KKK with groups with similar sounding names trying to either change their names or making it clear that they have no truck whatsoever with Ku Klux Klan.


Those who are aware of KKK history know that after a brief lull in activities, there was a resurge in the early part of the 20th century with new dimensions such as anti-Semitism and anti communism added to the movement. This was also a phase that saw the progress of the movement into the northern states as well. The membership of this extreme right organization went up to millions during this phase. This is also called the golden phase of the Klan.

The third phase of the Klan started in the late 60’s and is supposed to be continuing till date. Though membership has dwindled down to less than half a million, there are office bearers in most cities of the country and at present there are around 180 chapters of the group active in US.

kkk 300x236 Other KKKsMost people in the country had almost forgotten about the infamous group with no activities of note lately. However, one event that has raised suspicion in the minds of blacks and colored population is the ascension of Barrack Obama to the post of US President. He is the first African American to become the President of the US and this is something that is unpalatable to some of the supporters of the Klan. With people receiving hate mails and brochures warning against the dangers of a black man becoming President of the country, authorities have become concerned.

The rise and fall of KKK is suggestive of the fact that it attracts members in large numbers when it talks of interests of whites without calls of violence but falls flat on its face whenever the organization is unable to curb violence by its members eroding the popularity of the right wing organization. The recent admission of an African American man arrested in connection with sending mails to authorities threatening violence against blacks has raised alarm bells in administration and officials are not willing to take the problem lightly.

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