Chris Hopgood

Chris Hopgood

British leader of the kkk

british leader of kkk 300x194 Chris Hopgood

Chris Hopgood is the British Leader of the KKK

You heard of the KKK… we all did. Just take a look that the ku klux klan inspired European meeting, where Hopgood posed with many other hooded fellows for German race-hatred website. Call it the neo kkk website if you want, but if you have some idea about the kkk history, you understand what to expect – they same old hype on white supremacy. HE tried a lot to conceal his self behind the ugly hood of the tarnished Ku Klux Klan. But the tell-tale tattoos clearly are visible for everybody else to see. Yes folks! We are introducing Chris Hopgood, who happens to be the despicable racist leader of the British wing of those white supremacists. The world came to know about the first proof of UK Klan activities in decades and the KKK Grand Dragon has posed with some other higher members of that ailing organization. Recently, an investigation exposed that there were some snaps on the German extremist web site, which was set up especially to entice the new flanged recruits to that iniquitous United States based odium group. Hopgood, as you can see in the pictures widely available now in the web, is well known as a tattooist who lives in Co Durham. It proudly wears one of those Klan robes, while standing alongside other KKK Grand Dragons as well as the European White Knights that belongs to the vile Burning Cross Imperial Wizard. This group recently staged a racy cross-burn ceremony on German field this year and they posted their video of image 1 216x300 Chris Hopgoodthe very upsetting spectacle online. If you deem on KKK, you will understand what this hair-brained and bearded biker called Hopgood has to offer or say. As a matter of fact, this dude is the real flag carrier of ku klux klan. He believes in the kkk history – regardless of how ‘glorious’ it is. To get a clearer idea on what he and people like him believes in, you can visit the kkk website, which is mostly about the ‘fundamentals’ of white supremacy. No wonder some people keep calling him a race loser. The inked hands of this guy are like the giveaway. And you could or could not agree with the ones who call him a knuckle head. The tattoos on his hands show in spite the fact that he is warning a Klan robe. Wondering what the real bad sign is? It is when ‘Hoppy‘ is on his preferred social networking website. Hopgood is 51 now, and happens to be a blind supporter of the far-right British National party of Nick Griffin. It is also known as the English Defense League. This guy was under the assumption that he will manage to hide himself under the Klan hood that he and others like him wear in the secret meetings. But the photos scattered on the internet show that his cover is blown and the word KLAN is tattooed around his right hand knuckles. You might as well find his unique spider-web tattoos maliciously creeping on both of his hands. He is a bearded and heavy-set biker who is out walking around the old and less talked about mining town of Easington Colliery. It would be better if the world could get something really prosperous and good things from these people.

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