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White Supremacy Groups

It is really ridiculous to believe in supremacy of color of skin and the days of superiority of one race over another are almost over. However, there are still many people in the western world who think that because they have white skin, they are better in all respects to blacks and other colored races. From time to time, such groups and organizations have raised their heads though they have always remained behind the scenes as governments have banned and curbed their activities. Hatred speeches of such extreme right white groups have led to violence in the past and they are viewed with suspicion by the authorities. Out of dozens of white supremacy proponents, Ku Klux Klan, or simply KKK as they are better known as, are most prominent and popular in all parts of the world.


KKK history tells us that discontent among whites as they felt that blacks were advancing at their cost in society and economy was the result of formation of KKK. It was this feeling in the southern states of the country that led to the formation of Ku Klux Klan in the second half of the 19th century. The group indulged in threats to blacks and actual acts of violence to terrorize blacks. The members of this extreme right organization engaged in burning of crosses, staging rallies, even lynching of blacks that was enough for authorities to ban the activities of the group.

Taking of other white groups indulging in hate speeches and believing in white supremacy, there is Aryan Brotherhood, Aryan Nation, White American Resistance, White Patriot party, and some more splinter groups. Interestingly, members of such groups and organizations are not just against blacks, they are also anti Semitic. This is because whites consider Jews to be non Caucasians. Even whites not supporting their beliefs have not been spared by violent members of such hate groups.

nc kkk ku klux klan black man 300x227 Beyond the KKKWhen it comes to the most popular and long lasting, the name KKK automatically comes to the minds of people. When one visits KKK website, the very fact that the group was formed in 1860’s is enough to let people know that it is one of the oldest hate groups though the material on the site looks almost harmless and non inflammatory. There are three distinct phases of this extreme right group with the first phase lasting for about 20 years only. It was again in the early part of the 20th century that KKK raised its head again. But this time the issues of unemployment and anti Semitism got added to anti black sentiment making it more appealing to the population which explains the spread of the movement to the northern states of the country also.

It was the civil rights movement of the sixties that got the members of the group to engage in their activities again. Whites felt that it were the blacks who were going to be the real beneficiaries of the movement. This phase, the 3rd one, has been continuing till date and the movement has got a fillip with the election of an African American to the post of the President of the country.

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