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FBI Story Movie

Based on a book of Don Whitehead, the movie was directed by Mervyn LeRoy the author of the screenplay of Titanic from 1953. Richard Breen says that the movie is a KKK drama of the people narrated by an FBI agent, which is the main character. A bomb attack over an airliner made 49 victims. The tragedy appears in front of your eyes and step by step, it reveals new dark aspects about this organization. Involving family aspects along with criminal activity of the Klu Klux Klan, the movie makes us follow the storyline and it takes you to the end of the action in a charming way. You can access the kkk website about this.
The kkk history is full of crimes and xenophobe actions across the years. The KKK members committed attacks on people, attacks that are famous for the atrocity and cold blood. Crimes that shocked the world killed good people in seconds. Many of the responsible citizens who show their opposition to the movement were severely punished and their families remember those moments even today the pain and the sorrow they were surrounded with. Nothing is more valuable for them than safety, and the chance for a normal life. The results of those people are our right to a normal life. We cannot imagine those times of kkk history, and we consider that what we’ve got is we deserve, but it’s not even close like it. Many people had to fight and eventually died for us. Now, we have the liberty to think, talk and exist as we are born. The Ku Klux Klan made this dream impossible until 50 years ago, as you can now see it on kkk website.
One of the humanity’s big mistakes, the KKK is revealed in the movie with its rage. The people have the possibility to understand now the reality of the dark period in America’s existence. Since its foundation in 1865, the organization was on a spree of crimes and obscure rituals. At the beginning, they were not organized by levels as it is shown on one kkk website. The only intern Ku Klux Klan organization was based on the model of a gentlemen’s club, with a leader and people gathering around him. The actual system that now exists appeared later, in the the fbi story 300x169 The FBI Storysecond period of the Klan’s existence. This hierarchy was developed later, in the second era of the KKK history. Titles as emperor, or dragon, are derived from the masonry organizational chart and it was used by the young KKK members to do whatever it takes to achieve higher positions in the kkk history. As it is revealed on the kkk website, the youth and the warm blood leaded the Ku Klux Klan youth on this backdoor road and those youngsters lost their souls with crimes and unfair punishments for people with the only gilt were to exist.
Events that happened then created sorrow and pain in the people’s minds, and our goal today is to never let this happen again. Witnesses to the murders and the punishments of the Ku Klux Klan from that century tell the story for us. We must be certain that this history would never repeat. In the history of the mankind, many individuals expressed their anger and hatred through organizations that became killing machines. Presented on kkk website, hated and feared, this kind of people illness generated crimes and chaos through the ages. We have a duty for the next generations to ensure the kkk history will not happen again.

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