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From time to time, and especially in the late 19th and 20th centuries, there have been many extreme right movements advocating supremacy of whites over blacks. Though Ku Klux Klan tops the list of such groups, some of them being truly terror groups for blacks and other ethnic groups, there are many who started late but are carrying on in many western countries. One such group or gang is known as Skinheads. Whenever the name skinhead appears in newspapers or one hears an incident involving such people, the first images that cross our minds is those of clean shaven heads and tattoos on different body parts, weird ear rings and jewelry worn on odd body parts.

The skinhead culture is not as old as KKK movement, and surfaced only as late as mid sixties in Britain. The movement however caught the imagination of the youth, especially white youth who aligned with a distinct identity which was characterized by a typical swagger, use of slang words, dancing to the words of rap, reggae and other such music, a dress sense that was at best weird along with weird hairstyles. These were people who were against the social system and expressed hostility to police and authorities. These people were violent and aggressive and in general displayed discontent with the present system in place.

The movement called skinheads soon fizzled out as the gangs did not have specific programs and policies for the youth to get involved with. However, the movement is resurfacing from time to time in many western countries with Hammerskin Nation in US being one gang having a national presence while most others have only regional presence and identity. Similar is the trend in other western countries like Germany, Canada, Australia, and even France and Italy.

wife power clown disrupts kkk rally 300x198 skinheadsSporadic incidents of violence and criminal activities of skinheads keep making news in these countries but the basic premise of the movement, if it can lay claim to being a movement, is that there is no specific hatred against black or ethnic groups which is evident with members of the gangs being blacks and Hispanics also. On the other hand, KKK history tells us that it is exclusively for whites and no blacks have ever been members of the movement.

There is an official KKK website that serves as a mouthpiece of the Klan and contains all the information about all the past phases of the Klan, how it started after the civil war in 1860’s and how it became a terror group indulging in threatening and use of force to dominate blacks in the society. However, times have changed and it is not as easy to continue with impunity in such divisive activities as is evident with the low lying Klan and its abysmally low membership around the country. From a peak in 1922 when the membership of KKK reached millions, today there are only a few thousand members of the Klan. Of late, however, there has been little activity to suggest that the Klan is trying to resurface in the country.

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