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Founded in 1865, after the civil war in America, the Ku Klux Klan marked the Americans in the worst way possible. Named also the Klan or abbreviated KKK, the organization developed a system of terror and racism in the 19th century in America, writing the kkk history. Many of the frustrated specimens along the history joined the white supremacy club and shared the hate and anger against people that were different from them in one way or another. The kkk history is one of blood and hate in the black book of subversive organizations. Many people suffered from the atrocities of the KKK. Literature speaks about crimes against humanity and accuses the facts that once happened in the kkk history, as there are presented on kkk website.
The name comes from the Greek word kuklos and it means circle and clan, forming something that means circle of brothers. Klu Klux Klan evolution flourished at the beginning, but now it has a lower impact on the quotidian life. In the kkk history we can observe three KKK periods of time. The evolution through time of the clan is a road of blood and many killing rituals. Burning crosses across America and frightening especially African-Americans, the KKK was the scarecrow of the period from after the civil war. Remembering those years, historians and many literature artists picture their atrocities in many poems, novels or theater acts. People condemn it then and continue to accuse the terrorist organization even now. Acting like terrorist cells, they were very well organized and had a well determined hierarchy. Titles were distributed to the important members depending on their devotion or how cruel they were. The titles were taken from the old history of humankind hierarchical organizations and sound like lord, emperor and so on, to imposing respect and mysticism, according to the kkk website.
kkk stereotype 144x300 PicturesThe Members of the Ku Klux Klan numbered about 4 millions in 1921 and decreased to 600 000 around the year 2006. The Klu Klux Klan gathered a of lot angry and ill individuals who pointed the clan into the direction we know now. Many of them realized the real goal and step by step abandoned the fight, and their actions are described on the kkk website. Ashamed of their interest in the KKK, people once members write about their attempt for redemption. Their souls tormented by the horrifying images, convincing them to tell the truth to the world.
Hate and anger, crimes and civil punishments are the actions associated with the kkk history. Since the foundation in Tennessee, many were the militants that wrote the kkk history and even now, in underground, the Ku Klux Klan has very organized kkk websites with many visitors and cause militants. You can visit now some kind of museums of the KKK nostalgic admirers. The pain was not forgotten and the people who know what the movement really means don’t agree with the organization. However, some dogmas directions might impress the younglings. A very dangerous road can lead them to their perdition.

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