Nazis Had Thinking Similar to Klan Members

But how close were they?

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how similar were the nazis to the KKK?

The world has seen two world wars because of the concept of the superiority of race. The survivors of the 2nd WW still shudder to think of the brutality and the Holocaust that took place at the hands of the German Nazis. Germans, under the leadership of Adolf Hitler, believed in the superiority of their race over others, especially the Jews who they considered to be impure and thus to be exterminated from the face of the earth. This was just like the Klan members who had a hatred for the blacks and other ethnic communities as they believed these people to be responsible for all their sufferings.


Of all the white supremacy groups the world has seen, Ku Klux Klan, or the KKK as it is commonly known as, has been one of the oldest and also the only one to have survived for over 150 years in the country. It was the social conditions after the civil war that bred discontent in the minds of southerners. Their anger over what they saw as black domination and usurping of their rights led to a movement that was started by 6 senior confederatemembers. It was when the members of the Klan took out processions wearing white robes with pointed hats and masks over their heads carrying burning torches that blacks took notice of their activities. Blacks got threatening letters and messages and Klan members also started to use force to threaten them. The incidents of violence against blacks increased with a few sporadic ones of murders and even lynching intimidated blacks and the Protestant whites got attracted to the movement. However, KKK history tells us that when government came up with its reconstruction program, there was nothing to suggest that there was any favor of blacks at the cost of whites. Also, government took notice of violence against the blacks and promptly brought to justice the culprits. All this led to conditions where the movement fizzled out and by 1875; there was no Klan activities in the southern states.


wife power clown disrupts kkk rally1 300x198 NazisAccording to KKK website, it was at the start of the 20th century in 1915 when there was again discontent among the whites, and this time it was not restricted to just the southern states and the fact was reflected in the sheer numbers. This 2nd phase of Ku Klux Klan is considered to be the peak of the movement and the membership increased to nearly 6 million. During this phase, the anger of the Klan was directed not just against blacks but also against Jews, Hispanics, and even the ideals of communism. This phase is also known for the support of the movement from influential people within the administration.


The third phase of the movement was again short lived with sporadic incidents of violence against blacks. But dwindling membership and no leadership meant it died on its own by the year 1980. The specter of KKK is again being raised these days especially after Obama became the President of the country. There is every need to be alert and cautious against the activities of KKK.


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