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KKK White Power

White Power: Self Defeating Ideas


white power KKK white power

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White supremacy is a concept that has been raising its ugly head in different eras and different countries. The holocaust that took place during WW II was a direct result of this thinking where Hitler and his Nazi Germans considered themselves to be superior to others and tried to exterminate Jews from the face of the earth who they thought of as impure people. There have been many extreme right white movements in the history of white supremacy with KKK being a movement that is widely recognized as a national movement, especially during the 1920’s phase. However, there have also been movements that are late but incorporated aspects of previous white supremacy movements. One such movement that started in 1970’s in the US and UK sharing the ideas and concepts of KKK and other earlier movements is White Power.


White Power is in news lately as many erstwhile members of this white supremacist group are today making efforts to run for important public offices in many states, and what is alarming is the popular support that candidates are able to garner from the population. This is an indication of the undercurrent that is working in favor of those who believe in white supremacy. In a way, this trend is somewhat similar to the news that Ku Klux Klan, long considered dead in the country, is raising its ugly head again. Those who are seniors and have been witness to the horrifying times of KKK with its ideas of hatred for blacks would never like to revisit those times when the population got divided along the color of their skin with whites blaming black population for all their sufferings like unemployment and rising prices.


If you have a look at KKK website, you will know that the movement is as old as 150 years having surfaced in southern states first after the civil war where whites felt that blacks were usurping their rights and they were at a receiving end. This led to discontent that gave birth to a movement of whites that bred hatred against blacks as whites wanted them stay within limits. However, the movement fizzled out as whites found that Reconstruction program of the government had nothing to suggest that there was any favor of the blacks.


kkk flag 300x201 KKK white powerHowever, when everyone thought Ku Klux Klan had outlived its purpose, the Klan members were seen in action again in 1915 onwards. This time though the focus of movement was not black population alone. Anti Semitism and anti communism got included in the agenda though the cause of the activities of members of the Klan was once again unemployment and poor living standards that were perceived as a result of an influx of people of different ethnicities in the country.


KKK history is full of incidents of violence and use of force against blacks to strike fear in their minds. This is one white supremacist group that once had nearly 6 million members and a national presence with some support from inside the administration also.

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