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The sudden and renewed interest in the history, activities, and even recruitment methods of the white supremacy group KKK seems to suggest the hate group, that was considered long dead, is still alive and kicking. Especially in the wake of Obama becoming the president of the country, the recent killing of a white woman by suspected Klan members because she refused to take part in elaborate initiation rituals assumes significance. The incident has sent shock waves among the whites reminding them of the brutal mindset of the Ku Klux Klan members and their idiosyncratic ways.

For those who are kids or not aware of the Klan movements or phases in the history of KKK, The extreme right white hate group was formed after the civil war in 1865 to press for rights of whites and to protest against black domination in the southern states. Whites felt that in the reconstruction program, blacks were being mollycoddled and that the advancement of the blacks in the society was at the cost of whites. They also felt that there was unemployment and poverty in the society and blacks, who were the ethnic minority were solely responsible for whatever wrong was happening with the whites.

0 300x225 KKK recruitsOne look at the KKK website is enough to tell us the recruiting methods adopted by Klan members to add new members to the group. Non members were charged fee for becoming a member of the group and the member who added new members was given a part of the earnings that he made for the group. The recruiters were referred to as Kleagers who were experts in convincing non members by presenting the case of the whites in a very emphatic manner. Kleagers tried to sell the ideas of 100% Americanism and the perceived benefits of becoming a part of white native group. Kleagers were specifically told to target protestant teachers as Klan believed these teachers would play a pivotal role in teaching the ideas of the Klan and spreading awareness about the principles that the Klan stood for.

One important way of adding new members was bloc recruitment. It was very beneficial strategy as it not only saved a lot of time that individual recruitment took, it also saved a lot of money. For this purpose, Klan took the services of already entrenched organizations such as Protestant churches.

Klan also adopted a strategy that was cleverly thought out to attract new members to the Klan. They made use of violence in such a manner so as to intimidate blacks and impress whites in the area. This was done in such a fashion so as not to violate any laws thus not attracting the wrath of the authorities.

One way of earning the empathy of the whites and the society in general was to engage in charity work and to make donations to organizations working in the field of charity. It showed to the public the humane nature of the Klan and attracted many new members for the Klan.

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