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KKK Kids

ku klux klan children KKK Kids

Kids of the KKK

KKK is as mysterious as it gets. Ku Klux Klan is there to uphold white supremacy. Do you get all the facts from the KKK website? May be you do, but check these facts on KKK and the interesting things it does to support the supremacy of the white. Let’s get started with the ranking positions of this clan shall we?

The ranking

The most prominent rank arguably is the rank of Grand Imperial Wizard. The guy holding this rank is actually the leader of the entire flock of KKK dens around the country. She or he is supported and mentored by as many as tend “Genii.” Reliable sources from KKK reveal that to support the supremacy of the white and member have described this rank holder as, well – “autocratic.” The next in the hierarchy is the Grand Magi, who is set to play the role of the “vice-president” to the KKK and has the authority to play the role of the deputy wizard. Next comes the position of the Grand Scribe.

If you look at KKK history, it will be clear that people holding this rank have played significant roles in executing the missions and vision of the KKK. This guy is meant to play the role of secretary of kkk child in robe 300x199 KKK Kidsthis Klan and he also takes comprehensive accounts of the KKK meetings. The next one is Grand Dragon of the Realm. This person is meant to play the presidential role in the assigned state (could be a “realm” as well) with as many as 8 “Hydras” to support him. Let us not forget about the Grand Titan of the Dominion. The reason KKK keeps a position for the Grand Titan is that he can governs a particular Dominion, or may be multiple counties within a state. He or she is supported by 6 “Furies.” Have you ever heard of the Grand Giant of the Province? Well, he is responsible for running each “Province.” So what does that supposed to mean? Actually, he runs a County, and has four “Night Hawks”(who are in fact – messengers) playing the role of assistants.

The Grand Cyclops is the next position. For upkeeping the motto of the KKK, the Grand Cyclops run individual Dens, and are assisted by two separate Night Hawks. The final two are Lictors and Ghouls. The Lictors are the respected guards to look after the Den meetings, whereas the Ghouls refers to all members of the KKK who work to maintain organization’s ideology.

KKK costume

The costumes used a few decades earlier tend to differ a lot with that of today. At least, you can’t resemble the one seen in 1871 with today’s KKK costume. But many sources say that today’s members wear white, but not the pointed hoods. The costume used by the KKK is arguably the most unique feature of the organization, and happens to be recognized worldwide. It’s sometimes coined as the ‘Unique Glory Suit’ by the ones who wear it. It is also worn by numerous pejoratives.

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