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Democratic KKK

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Democrats founded the KKK

The KKK and the Democratic Party had several connections along the KKK history, and people that were members of the party also became members of the clan. Let’s see a piece of the Ku Klux Klan history and their connection with this part, according with the KKK website.

Between the years 1871 and 1915, the KKK had little influence compared with the previous KKK history. An old Methodist preacher, the reverend William Joseph Simmons manages to revitalize the monster called Ku Klux Klan. However, according to the KKK website, we are talking about a new group with a different organization and with higher goals. The group pretends to defend the true values of America, and the white people seem to be attracted by those new KKK principles.

The group specially contests the immigrants coming to America in large number, especially Italians and Jewish. During the WW1, the KKK history is very different from the one of America. Moreover, during those times, the Ku Klux Klan was formed by coward people that were able to cheat enrollment fir the war. According to the KKK website, we are talking about the bloodiest part of the KKK oppression, as the members of the clan could easily kill black women and children, with their husbands and fathers left for the war.

Another flourishing period of the KKK history begins with the year 1920, when the Ku Klux Klan becomes a true political power, with 5 million members spread not only in South, but also in the whole America. Moreover, according to the KKK website, the clan was also a financial and political enginery that allowed the leaders of it to become the richest persons in America. The KKK, with the help of the Democratic Party manages to organize a demonstration right in the middle of Washington, with over 30 000 knights participating. It is the biggest demonstration of force recorded in the KKK history and one of the saddest periods of America. Ku Klux Klan is indeed a powerful organization, and according to the KKK website, they were allowed to do practically anything.

ku klux klan md 300x300 Democratic KKKThe initiation of a KKK member is made within an antique ritual that involves religion and knight practices. In the KKK history, the ritual was changed several times, but the major Ku Klux Klan leaders were invested by the ‘imperial gathering”, composed of Cloppers. Each organization in a state is leaded by a “big dragon” and each district is also ruled by a “big titan”. Those hierarchies are also composed of Cyclops and Vampire. In a secret language known only by the initiates, the days and the months of the calendar are named “mortal”, “terrible’ and “bloody”. The members of the clan gather in “antres” and “caves”, where the bloody teams are prepared. They are dressed in a white uniform with the cross of St. Andrew embalmed on the chest. The new members are always white Americans born on the USA territory, and also Protestants. During a nocturne ceremony, the Big Cyclop invests the new member with the respective powers.

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