Black Legion

How Black Legion Relates to the KKK

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Black Legion Movie

Directed by Robert Lord, the winner of the Academy award for its original story, the Black Legion drama wants to show the pain and misery of the kkk history. Painted on the background of the movie action, the KKK’s activity appears in the movie and on the kkk website as a criminal organization. Its members were brutes ready to commit crimes without any reason. The punishment Klu Klux Klan offered was death and burning crosses al over the country in their attempt to scare and rule the people. The corruption is present everywhere in the organization, and the attention centered on the main actor shows us the rage developed in a normal situation. The entire image of what happened in the kkk history is presented as it happened yesterday and the KKK existed not far ago, like on the kkk website.
A well known actor as Humphrey Bogart has an extraordinary interpretation of the worker who was involved in the events. Simple beings with no access to the school, were easily influenced. Like sheep, they were lead to their perdition on a road with crimes, burning crosses and obscure rituals. The story explores the xenophobia and hate present in the organization of the Ku Klux Klan through the eyes of a real, almost normal person involved. It all begins when a promotion is given to an American immigrant instead of being awarded to a Native American. The movie follows the evolution of the main personage at work, and in his fragile marriage. It seems that the power he gained managed to destroy everything he got and to cripple his soul forever because of the Klu Klux Klan.
The final scene shows us the pain and the sorrow of the path they have chosen. Moralizing at the end of the movie, the movie reveals small 62 223x300 Black Legionthe truth behind the curtain of the so called white supremacy power. Along the kkk history many of its members realized the misery they provided to common people. The KKK was a scarecrow for a very long period of time, and there were moments in time when the name of the Klu Klux Klan inspired fear and made the people to turn their head away. Colored people, immigrants, Catholic’s, shared their fear and became victims on the KKK demonic altar. Children and grandchildren of the people who were part of the events are telling the story of that dark period of time, in the movie. Some of them published articles on kkk websites in order for us to understand and never repeat the mistakes once turn bad the life’s of those human beings.
The movie is very well anchored in reality and shows precisely the events as they were presented on the kkk website. The award from Academy is actually a reward to the memory of the victims and a method to highlight the importance of this fact. The research of the kkk history was accurate and the director talked with many people who knew the facts and lived those moments personally.

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