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Aryan Brotherhood

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Of late, there have been a lot of rumors about Ku Klux Klan having raised its ugly head again in the country with blacks getting leaflets in car parking asking them to remain low or to stop equating them with whites. Whites on the other hand are being urged to unite and revolt against black domination in all areas of life. This is when everyone thought that the days of KKK were gone and that it was not possible for white supremacists to regroup and stage another fight against blacks. The extreme white movement has been there for the last 150 years seeing a rise and fall in popularity with three distinct phases in KKK history. And if KKK alone was not sufficient to create woes for the population and the administration, there is another white supremacist group or gang operating in prisons of the country. This gang is known as Aryan Brotherhood, The AB, or just One-Two.

Aryan Brotherhood was formed by 2 white inmates of a federal prison ostensibly to unite against predatory black inmates but the gang turned its attention to making money when enough members joined the group and the gang was considered dangerous and powerful. 3 leaf clover is the symbol of the group that has become a terror among the population. The group has been involved in at least a hundred murders since its inception in addition to all other illegal activities like drugs, prostitution, extortion, assault on police officers and so on. The gang is the largest prison gang in the country and is operating in at least a dozen states. The members of the gang are identified easily through tattoos they get made on their bodies with marks like 666, SS, AB, or even the Nazi symbol called Swastika.

cewhuyjce 300x219 Aryan BrotherhoodThere are many who draw parallel between the Aryan Brotherhood and Ku Klux Klan saying both spread hatred against blacks and promote ill will in the society. But in a sense, AB has gone a step further and become totally illegal as it has started to deal in activities that make its members criminals and most wanted in the list of FBI and state law enforcement officers. Drug trafficking is one illegal activity that separates AB from KKK. KKK never indulged in prostitution in prisons which is a prime activity of the AB. One feature that brings the two groups together is their hatred of the blacks. While the focus of KKK turned to Jews and communists later on, and it was a reflection of their desperation to find a target for their desperation, the Aryan Brotherhood, since its inception in 1964, has been an organization dead against blacks only.

One look at KKK website is enough to convey the impression that the Klan was a result of the southerner’s desperation against what they perceived as domination of blacks. Whites felt that it were blacks who were responsible for all their woes. Though the AB started out as a gang to protect white prison inmates against black inmates, today it has become a terror group.

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