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THE KKK of Today

Image44 216x300 KKK TodayThis article recalls the past of the Invisible Empire, popularly known by their initials, with their name which sound like a rifle being cocked. The Ku Klux Klan is the name of several related organizations in the United States that which advocate white preeminence and openly promote: anti-Semitism, anti-Catholicism, racism, hatred towards gays, anti-Communism and hatred of those not born in the United States.

History of KKK:
As a controversial hate group, the KKK main activities are/ were: terrorism, through acts of violence, intimidation toward other races, such as cross burning and hanging to tyrannize mostly American minority groups, and also other social, devout and cultural groups. Due to their unlawful actions, a century ago they became the “victims” of government, as they came under the radar of FBI; the federal Bureau of investigation located in Birmingham, Alabama particularly used this method, along with playing so called “head games” with them, to factionalize some local Alabama clan members. But the KKK stayed to some extent prevalent in America to this very day.

klan 300x206 KKK TodayThis odd group of slackly knit white racial cultists in fact existed in about three stages. The first stage came in after the Civil War, when local government in the South was still weak or absent and qualms of a black rebellion caused informal vigilante organizations to be created in the majority southern communities. They were soon connected together in societies, such as the Men of Justice; the Pale Faces; the Constitutional Union Guards; White Brotherhood and finally the Order of the White Rose. As a final point, some rich white southerners who had fought in the Civil War got a scheme.

May of 1866, Pulaski, Tennessee these rich white southerners took the name Ku Klux Klan, which can be traced after the Greek word for circle known as “kuklos,” as these landowning southerners were a small circle of associates with vested welfare in maintaining slavery – and organizing its reinstitution. These ex-Confederates were for the most part trying to be against the modernization policies of the radical Republican Congress in order to preserve “white supremacy.” The Klan, being more fueled fiscally, became the most admired of the post-defeat organizations, and sooner or later absorbed all of the smaller groups.

KKK activities today:
Parade Klan 221x300 KKK TodayKKK of today is not one union; rather it is collected of small self-regulating chapters across the United States. The configuration of autonomous chapters has made KKK groups more difficult to penetrate, and researchers find it hard to guess their numbers. Estimates are that about two-thirds of KKK members are concerted in the Southern United States, with another third located primarily in the lower Midwest United States. KKK members have stepped up conscription in recent years, but the organization is growing slowly, with membership probable at 5,000–8,000 across 179 chapters. These new membership campaigns have been based on issues such as people’s anxieties about unlawful immigration, municipal crime and same-sex matrimony. Numerous KKK groups have shaped strong alliances with other white supremacist groups, such as neo-Nazis. Some KKK groups have become more and more “Nazified”, adopting the look and emblems of white power skin-heads

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