KKK Pre Civil War

KKK Pre Civil War

The caprice of the six students

Kkk1928 300x220 KKK Pre Civil WarEx-officers of the “South States Confederation” (sustaining the slavery of black persons and the huge proprieties based on cotton farms), the six young students from the college founded the KKK organization that is responsible for some of the most outrageous crimes in America. The KKK history is a history of crime and hate that will remain as a black spot on the history of this democratic country forever.

Ku Klux Klan was a society based on the concept of fraternities. The society was named after the Greek word Kuklos (circle), having the slogan “Non Silba Sed Anthar” (Not for me, for the others).

According to the KKK website, the society spent its time with horse races, and the members were wearing masks and costumes. The races were always held at night, both in the cities and outside.

From the initial ideals of KKK, several leaders of the KKK history changed the ideology, being surprised pleasantly about the impact of their nocturnal apparitions. The Ku Klux Klan expanded, several groups appearing all over the southern states. You can find out more details about those groups on the KKK website.

kkk 1925 300x229 KKK Pre Civil WarThe Big KKK Meeting took place in 1867, when general rules were elaborated. The Big Wizard was chosen, the supreme leader of the clan. The first leader of the KKK history was General Nathan Bedford Forest. The organization was divided in counties, dominions, provinces and bases, ruled by the Big Dragons, the Titans, The Giants and The Cyclops.

In 1867, the movement was spread all over the Southern cities, but the big urban agglomerations were too caught up with other problems. This is why the Ku Klux Klan had some great perspectives to expand.

According to the KKK website, the biggest mistake of the American government was to state its intentions of expanding the rights of the black persons in this area. Violent people joined the KKK because of this, as former plantations owners and veterans were resentful with the black population.

The violent actions stated in the KKK history were directed against former slaves, but even white people that sustained the rights of black people were killed by the Ku Klux Klan. The vision of the organization is stated on the KKK website: the new social order that was about to rise was not accepted by the members of the clan, so all the actions against those movements were justified.

ku klux klan 300x297 KKK Pre Civil WarAs the KKK movement was already far from the initial purpose, the Big Wizard decided to dissolve the organization. However, some local unities continued to work until the federal organizations managed to silence them. Although there were some tries to revitalize the movement, they were not successful until 1915. However, the second part of the Klan history is even bloodier, although the organization was out of law since its second founding.

The Klan is still considered by many as the most shameful spot on the American history. It is our responsibility to make sure those crimes will never happen again, and the new American democracy respects those new ideas.

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