KKK Hate Crimes

Hate Crimes Of The KKK

Hate Crime 300x224 KKK Hate CrimesThe second period of the KKK was the bloodiest. Although a large number of members marked the first period of the KKK history, the second Ku Klux Klan had fewer adepts, but those people were more dedicated to their “job”. This is when the hate crimes begun and several important people were the victims of this spree. The names of those people can be found on the KKK website.

William J. Simmons is the founder of the second KKK. Impressed by the movie “The Birth Of A Nation”, a spectacular perspective of the Reconstruction seen by the clan, Simmons started a campaign to revitalize the Klan. As a center of this new KKK history, we can find the burning cross, a symbol of all the Ku Klux Klan ceremonials.

It was the most flourishing period of the KKK history. The KKK website states that the members of the KKK were determined to fight not only against the black persons, but also against the large number of immigrants that came here after the first world war. The Ku Klux Klan was so powerful that different politicians adhered to it. even the president Harry Truman wore the robe of the organization for a short period. However, according to the KKK website, the president left the organization, being disgusted about a campaign of the KKK against the Catholics.

The rules of the Ku Klux Klan imposed to its members to be white, protestants, preferably Methodist, as this religion accentuates the doctrine of perfect Christianity and love, according to the KKK website.

kkk Another day at the office s421x600 38472 580 210x300 KKK Hate CrimesThe image of the KKK faded as the time passed, and the public opinion started several campaigns against the group along the KKK history. The Ku Klux Klan also started to accept all kinds of members, and the image of perfectionism disappeared. You can find different sex scandals, crimes and dugs problems on the KKK website, actions that were far from the classical concepts of the Klan.

the unexpected prosperity after the Second World War made the KKK only a secondary organization with a few adepts in the southern states. This is the last period of the KKK history, as people started to understand the US democracy. The attempts of several leaders of the Ku Klux Klan during the years 50-60 to unify the organization failed, as the majority of the local organizations wanted to remain independent.

The Civil Rights movement revitalized the organization a little, as the white people of the Southern States were outraged by the increasing fortunes of the black people.

kkk lynching1 280x300 KKK Hate CrimesOne of the well-known crimes of the clan was the assassination of Medgar Evers, an activist for civil rights and a State Secretary for the “National Association for Black People Prom ovation”. The killer was identified as Byron De La Beckwith, a member of the Klan.

The years 70’s were marked by some manifestations of the Klan connected with the pure race unity, and the actions of the organization had the purpose to eliminate all the sexual and color minorities, other religions besides the Protestant one and all the other people that were considered impure by the Klan.

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