White Power

What does White Power Mean?

Why does the KKK use white power as their war cry?

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White Power

KKK is the name of two secret societies in America. Within the KKK history, the first society was founded in 1865 in Tennessee, being founded by ex South soldiers to oppose the reconstruction politic imposed by the North, and also to stop the black population from benefiting of civil rights. The Ku Klux Klan founding was connected with the first Civil War in America, and according to the KKK website, this society was determined to impose the White Power with any costs.

However, the organization of the KKK was contradictory even from the start. The organization was called “The invisible state” during the first period of the KKK history, as the Ku Klux Klan considered the White people as being superior to the black race. Because of this adversity to black people, the organization could not accept that this population gained equal rights with the white people after the Secession War. As a result, according to the KKK website, the members of the clan started to invade the towns and cities, killing the black population without being punished in any way.

When the local KKK extremists begun to apply violent methods, such as blackmail and extortion, the first president, the general NB Forrest decided that the organization must be closed, but it was too late. According to the KKK history, the decision of the general was wrong. If he would have thought about keeping the Ku Klux Klan in that organization, maybe the factions were easier to control. According to the KKK website, once the central KKK was dispersed, the local factions gained more power. In the KKK history, this is considered as one of the bloodiest periods.

KKK 300x224 White Power• The second Ku Klux Klan was founded in Atlanta in 1915 by an ex officer that became a preacher WJ Simons. According to the KKK website, Simmons was an influential member of the local society, and a declared opponent of immigration, black people and Catholics. The new KKK movement was spread fast, and the ideas were adopted by 5 million people all over America. It was a flourishing period of the KKK history, and the Ku Klux Klan became a major political but also military force. However, according to the KKK website, the extensive usage of violence convinced a major part of the members to renounce it. The organization was successful for about 20 years. During the 50’s, there are not so many records about the KKK, as it was in a dormant state. The 60’s represent the last period of the KKK history. Another attempt to reactivate the Klan was made at the beginning of the 90’s, but the initiative was unsuccessful. However, the racist manifestations were stopped by the authorities, and it seems like this bloody organization has no power to become important at the moment. However, it remains one of the biggest spots on the American history and our kids must remember those sad times in order to avoid the same mistakes in the future and to make sure those problems would never appear again.

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