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Who are the KKK?

The Ku Klux Klan, is a very popular hate group in the United States, their hate is primarily focuses mostly black people and or anyone who’s not white. Their perception is that the white man is superior to all other races of man, and this is something they take quite seriously. The United States considers the KKK as a terrorist organization.

History behind the KKK

Black KKK1 268x300 Join the KKKGoing back to The KKK history; the clan is the oldest terrorist organization which is also known as white terrorism in the United States of America. Their primary activities back in the days were murder, intimidation, violence, rape and slaughtering of minorities, bombings, hangings and burning of anyone who was not white. Throughout the history of America the KKK had been known as the chronicle of hate. KKK was originally founded as a strictly social fraternity; one could compare them to a college fraternity back in the days. They associated themselves with good Christians, and as true patriots of the U.S.A, they soon became the greatest fraternal organization in the 1920s. Many high profile politicians also started joining the KKK, because they thought it was necessary to be part of the fraternity. When time came for the civil rights movement, the KKK was quick to strike back, claiming that African Americans deserve no civil rights and civil rights should only be for white Christian Americans.

KKK activities today

Since the civil rights movement, and strict penalties against hate crimes have been enacted in the united states, the KKK have gone underground, and today they rarely wear the all white hood, but when they hold rallies, they tend to show-off with their all white costume. However, only a handful of public attend their rallies as most people don’t want associate themselves as racist and worse yet, a member of KKK.

Who would want to join the KKK?

ngbbs43cc522e52cd0 300x240 Join the KKKToday white men and women join because they feel a sense of belonging, to feel a sense of kinship, a sense of identity. Most people join because they believe that as white people, they need to stick together, and strengthen the white blood line. The KKK members today, hold social gathering and share ideas, they are terrorists with families who love to chit chat and have BBQ on the grill. White People who are more religious than other are highly likely to join as the KKK follows the ideology of Christian superiority over other religions.

KKK primary activities today

Today, their main activities include burning the Christian cross, shooting firearms on the range, preaching hate speech and fueling the hate for anyone who is a non Christian and or is non-white. Today, they can also be compared to a Christian cult, as some of their ideology is mix between hate and religion. They are spreading their words of hate, through the internet and they also have an official KKK website which helps them find more recruits in the United States.

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