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The KKK or ku klux klan was, and still is. If the world is unfortunate, it will probably continue to be in existence. It’s not all about an organization… it’s more about a spirit of hatred. If you want to understand the core of it, you got to take look at the KKK history. But we have a better idea in this article. We will take you to a short tour through the background of the kkk history, so you realize how the KKK or ku klux klan managed to survive throughout centuries. Do you remember the time span in between Reconstruction and the World War I? That was when the world saw new, larger scale manufacturing as well as mass production industries which literally transformed the US and finally reconfigured the fashion in which the US used to work and live. At that time the crying need of hour of the then industrial growth was a massive labor supply. This need was met greatly by the twenty million immigrants. They, from 1870 to 1915, made their debut in the US to look up work and opportunities. That is a huge wave of immigrants that stimulated the anti-immigrant backlash. The world came to know a term called – Nativism, which was used for denoting anti-immigrant sentiments and became extensive in the early 20th century. There are many US citizens out there who blamed the rapid modernization. In addition, there were political, economic, as well as social changes out there which led to the growth of the famous New Woman, which earmarked the ever changing visage of American cities, alongside an ever increasing position for the African Americans. Today, the anxiety triggered by the huge threat to “conventional American values” reached a peak following World War I. In response to that, some people in the US in the 1920′s chose to restrict particular types of immigrants whereas the others resurrected the concept of Ku Klux Klan (KKK) or similar kinds of Selma Montgomery Marc Hugh 300x149 Immigration“protective” organizations. Immigration restriction finally turned out to be the preferential way for many of those nativists. Many of those took special interests in the idea of “clash of cultures” as the century took a new turn. While there were few restrictions out there preventing immigration in the United States before the 1900s, there were many interest groups out there that successfully pressured the federal government, forcing it to keep out immigrants – prostitutes (who are actually Asian ladies), convicts, blue collar contract laborers, mentally sick people, and most of all, the diseased – there were some cases when the US government went on to impose a head tax on the new flanged arrivals. Due to the increasing pressures imposed by the western states as well as by some nativist organizations, the US federal government imposed laws specifically targeting Asian immigrants, like the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882 as well as the “Gentlemen’s Agreement” signed with Japan in the late 1900s. If you take a look at the KKK website, you realize where the journey is now and probably ku klux klan is headed with its jeal for white supremacy.


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