Extremism in the KKK

A Natural Corollary of Superiority

extremists 300x208 Extremism

extremists exist in the kkk

The world, especially the west, and in particular the US talks about Islamic terrorism and conveniently forgets KKK, the symbol of Christian terrorism since the last quarter of 19th century though there have been many lows and highs in the fortunes of Ku Klux Klan and this extreme right wing group that has often been compared to the Nazi movement in Germany. The group was presumed all but finished by the turn of the century but since 2006, KKK has raised its ugly head once again, trying to exploit fears in the minds of white majority over so called attacks on Christianity, gay marriages, rise of the blacks in the society, rising crime, economic hardships, recession, unemployment, and the influx of ethnic minorities in the US.

This sudden increase in the activities of Klan groups and members inside US coincides with Neo Nazism in Germany that believes in white superiority and hatred for blacks and other ethnic groups such as Jews and Hispanics. The event of Barrack Obama becoming the 44th President of the country has not gone down well with people holding this mentality of white superiority and they do not want to waste this opportunity to seed fears in the minds of whites that Obama is a representative of the Blacks and tries to safeguard the interests of only Blacks and ethnic minorities. This has led to an increase in incidents of threats of violence and actual use of violence against blacks and other ethnic groups. Millions have reported finding pamphlets in their cars asking hem to stand up for the rights of whites and also exhorting them to remove blacks from their midst to have a secured and prosperous future for their kids.

KKK 300x236 ExtremismKKK history tells us that this extreme right organization came into existence soon after the civil war, and was mainly confined to southern states as a terrorist organization that focused its anger against blacks as it suspected them responsible for all economic hardships of whites. The members indulged in attacks on blacks and on whites supporting them to terrorize the population. This phase that lasted for 10-15 years saw lots of lynching of blacks. This 1st phase, though it contained much violence is considered to be relatively weaker than the 2nd phase that was spread to entire country and its peak had nearly 5 million members. This was the time in 1920’s and the Klan included anti-Semitism, anti communism, anti socialism in its agenda apart from anti black policies.

Ku Klux Klan history also tells us that the 2nd phase did not last long and people even forgot about the Klan when it suddenly came into limelight in late 60’s and 70’s. As far as it reach and membership is concerned, there are far lesser number of members today than there have been at its peak in the 20’sand some claim the membership to be restricted to around 5000 today though there are close to a hundred chapters and different Klan being in existence.

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