Does Race Matter?

The Race Question

How different are we really?

racial equality Does Race Matter?

Race is always a concern for the KKK

Do you think that race really does matter? Well, at my own point of view, I could tell that race does not matter at all. Though, there are still lots of people who are sticking unto their race and choose to get together with people with their similar race, there are already people who have been getting off from such tie.

As much as you care for people of different races, it doesn’t matter anymore. However, back then, there had been issues that a clan, from long time ago, namely Ku Klux Klan or KKK is one of those who are totally concerned about their races. So, before going any further, knowing more about the Ku Klux Klan history would help you understand things about them.

KKK founded at the year 1866, extended to most of the southern states at 1870, and became a driving force to the white southern resistance into the Republican Party’s Reconstruction-era policies. They aimed for making equality for the economy and politics for black people. The members are waging for an underground intimidation campaign and violence being directed at white and black Republican leaders. All through the passed legislation of the congress designed for curbing the terrorism of the Klan, the organization also saw the primary goal of the re-establishment of the white supremacy being fulfilled throughout the Democratic victories within the legislatures of the state across the South in the year 1870. Right after declining period, the nativists group of Protestants had revived this Klan at the early 20th century. They then starts burning crosses, parades, staging rallies, and marching together with denouncing the immigrants, Jews, Blacks, Catholics, so as the organized labor. The civil rights movement of the 1960 also took the surge of KKK activities. It actually includes churches, black school bombing and even with violence against both white and black violence within the South.

6a00e54f7f6c95883301053599f5fb970c 800wi 300x267 Does Race Matter?On the other hand, the organization of this Klan coincided with the start of the second phase of the post reconstruction of the Civil War. They even put into place the more radical members of the Republican Party in Congress. Right after rejecting President Andrew Johnson’s relatively lenient Reconstruction policies in place from 1865 up to 1866 and the Congress passed the Reconstruction Act over the presidential veto. Under the provisions, South has been divided into five military districts and every estate has been needed to approve the 14th Amendment that granted the protection, which should be equal for the constitution to the slaves and male suffrage happened during those era.

This KKK history has been the reason why race become a matter. Black has been taken into discrimination, so as white. Those days, people are afraid of mixing black individuals to white ones and most of them are entitled being racist. However, these modern days, it is not anymore the main thing. This is for the reason that, everybody could now come up together, live life together and be happy. This has been the root why youth now are born with two nationalities and living great.

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