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What does the Confederate Flag mean to the KKK?

confederate flag Confederate Flag

What does the Confederate Flag mean?

America saw a revolutionary trend as it evolved through the past few centuries and there were radical groups that emerged as the continent gradually passed through the evolution stage. In spite of the historic freedom movement, there were diehard terrorist groups that were engaged in mayhem and local warfare with an intent to establish one hundred percent pure Americanism in the American mainland. The division of men through the color of their skin was prevalent amongst these groups who were upwardly active during the late 1850s. They called themselves the Ku Klan extremists who were followed far-right principles and would not let the infiltration of any other class of people in them. The rule of apartheid was actively prevalent and their devotion and dedication saw an initial swell in their membership that consisted of more than about 15 percent of the American white population.
The Ku Klux Klan movement or the KKK was violent in nature and they believed that violence alone could save the whites from the advances of the other races that were within the nation. They practiced violence and believed in torture of the other races to deter them from making any inroad in the country. The KKK movement can be conveniently broken up into three distinct phases – the first Klan the Second Klan and finally the Ku Klux Klan of today. In view of their racist activities and the interference with basic human rights, the governments of several states passed anti-terrorist laws to proclaim them as terrorist groups. This led to a significant downfall in the membership and people got disillusioned with the activities of the group as stricter laws came into being.
kkk flag 300x201 Confederate FlagThe KKK history does not say much about milder and softer treatment of their subjects before an attack took place. In an exceptional case it is learnt that they ordered a school teacher to leave the premises at the earliest opportunity since they opposed the steep school fees. This happened in the middle of the night when the teacher was asleep. Since they specified that they would not give a second chance, the lady understood their intent and wound up the school to leave the county never to return. These are but exceptions to the general KKK history which saw a rapid growth of murder and deaths at the slightest opportunity.
The Ku Klux Klan extremists grimly reminded America of the shameful history of slaves and the predominance of slavery by the rich Americans in those days. Police records indicate that the KKK movement largely comprised of disgruntled Americans who were mostly criminals and they never really had logic behind their movement. The fear of being overtaken by other races and the need for the white dominance saw their growth in those days. The members were all criminal by nature ranging from bootleggers and illegal firearm dealers to displaced Democrats and even petty thieves. They were preeminently black haters and took pride in being referred to as the hate group. In spite of the growing contribution of other races in the growth and development of America, the KKK movement was constantly under the fear that one day the whites would be eliminated from the country.

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