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Reflecting the KKK in a Positive Light

1 Charity WorkTo talk about KKK or Ku Klux Klan today is like raising rubble that has been lying peacefully under the surface of the earth for quite some time. But one cannot remain mute with a sudden increase in the number of articles appearing in newspapers and websites talking about the subject. Interestingly, the renewed interest in the Klan coincides with the swearing in of a black African American as 44th President of the US. Yes, we are talking about Barrack Obama, and also about the miniscule minority that comprise white people who think about the superiority of white skin and use of force and violence to terrorize black people away from the country.

british nationalism in ireland racism and sectarianism as the orange order celebrates the kkk 189x300 Charity WorkThere have been instances of flyers being stuffed inside cars for people to read hate speeches and words that are derogatory about black people and how white people should be ashamed to have sent a black man to the White House. It seems too outlandish, almost childish to be true. But yes, there seems to be an undercover activity by some whites hiding behind the slogan and name of the Klan to spread such malicious rumors and threats.

If you are a teenager, whether black or white, not knowing anything about KKK history, there is nothing to worry about. KKK, as a far right group has been there in the country for the last 150 years. But its potency, or shall we say peak is left far behind. It was in 1920’s that the Klan had highest membership of around 5 million in the country. Today, the membership is not even a million though there are about 180 chapters of KKK working in the country.

There are three distinct phases in KKK history with the first being a period of Southern Reconstruction. Southern whites were getting disenchanted with northern oppression around 1865 and had nothing to do with use of violence against blacks or any other race by whites. It was merely south against north in US at that time. Even the second phase of KKK which began in 1915 had its roots in anti communism and fears of whites losing their jobs in the wake of migration of blacks and other races in the country. It was this second klan fla cop 300x267 Charity Workphase which was dangerous as there were instances of threat or use of violence against blacks. But this phase was over once rank holders in the organization got embroiled in scandals. Even whites that strongly believed in lofty ideals as propagated by the Klan got disenchanted and soon the phase saw a great decline. The 3rd phase of KKK coincided with opposition to civil rights movement and advancement of blacks and other minorities. However, there was not much force behind this movement till Obama became the President of the country prompting members of the group to spread fears and rumors among whites about blacks getting preference over whites in education as well as jobs and social schemes.

One look at KKK website and it is enough to tell a person that it is foolish to see the entire movement with the same anti black glasses as there is more to this extreme far right group than just black hatred.

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