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The philosophy of the KKK

The Ku Klux Klan is an infamous hate group commonly known as the KKK, they are most well known for their racist agenda against blacks, Jews, non Protestants, and immigrants of any sort.  Their isolationist beliefs are a form of protectionism that is meant to keep white America pure.  They are the guardians of what they believe to be the god given right of each white protestant American’s ability to live in a pure society.

Racism against Blacks

The Ku Klux Klan hates blacks for a variety of reasons, in the south many generations were raised during the time of slavery which for the most part fueled this ideal of white supremacy.  Blacks being slaves working on plantations furthered the belief that they were nothing more than tools of agrarian maintenance.  To this extent most whites in the south believed that these second class citizens were dumb and served no other purpose than to till the fields.  This plantation view is easy enough to follow as most people would agree that they are more important and intelligent than a common garden rake, which is what the view at the time was about blacks.

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KKK propoganda

The KKK in its inception was not a radical racist group that believed in white supremacy in fact the social brotherhood was created after the civil war by veterans of the confederacy who disagreed with the union’s ideas of federalism.  Contrary to popular belief the civil war was not fought over slavery, this misconception is a remnant of the union’s propaganda.  In fact the civil war was fought over states’ rights and federalism; the north wanted to impose certain policies that would override a state’s rights to their own form of government, which included education and taxes.  The truth of the matter is slavery existed in the north and the south.  In fact the championed union leader General Grant actually owned slaves that would belie the commonly believed misconception that the north was against slavery.

The Ku Klux Klan became a hate group after their ranks grew larger to encompass certain hate groups who believed in committing hate crimes against the blacks.  These simple minded individuals bought into the propaganda of the north and believed that the blacks were a symbol of the north’s dominance and oppression.  This compounded by the belief that blacks were nothing more than farming equipment made committing the lynchings easier to commit.  The freeing of slaves to walk amongst the whites who were raised with ideals of white supremacy aggravated the situation; these common simple minded folk found that these freed men were a threat to their society and the norms that they were raised with.  There was also a founded fear that some of these newly freed black slaves would seek vengeance on their previous masters.  This is why some KKK members believed it was necessary to commit hate crimes to strike fear in the vengeful minds of these newly freed blacks.

Later on the Ku Klux Klan had other reasons to hate blacks.  The large number of freed blacks would become competition in the labor force, hate groups including the KKK believed that blacks were going to take their jobs.  This was due in part to the truth that a freed black would be paid less than a white laborer, which in a sense is a backfiring of racist white supremacist views because these employers were white and would stand to gain more capital by paying lower wages.

In the early 1900’s many dock workers were black and were often given cocaine by their employers to allow them to work harder for longer hours.  As cocaine became an epidemic for recreational use in white society it was reflected by hate groups to the blacks.  In the 1930’s the term “cocaine crazed Negro” was coined, to further the anti drug movement certain hate groups raised the belief that cocaine crazed dock workers would become a threat to white womanhood and chastity.  White womanhood is one of the ideals that the Ku Klux Klan was meant to protect, and as such hate crimes perpetrated during this time by the KKK were done in this belief.  One of the interesting facts of history spurred on by white supremacists was the .38 special bullets which were specifically designed to stop a cocaine crazed Negro in his tracks.

White Supremacy

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The Ku Klux Klan has the ardent belief in white supremacy which extends white pride from being an inward motion of purity to an outward motion of intolerance and cleansing.  The KKK believes that the United States of America was founded by white Americans for white Americans and those of color are inferior and corruptors of this ideal. This belief of intolerance of the KKK and other radical hate groups is founded in the fear of racial integration and the fear of future generations of white American blood being tainted by inferior non-whites.  To a certain extent these hate groups including the KKK have a well founded fear since the United States is a melting pot, and in fact within the next 50 years or so the whites in America will be the minority.  Actually in some states such as California whites are already a minority with most of the population consisting of Latin Americans, blacks and Asians.  The Ku Klux Klan believes that it is their duty to keep the ideals and society of white America from being wiped from history.  Although the KKK and other hate groups that believe in white supremacy are in decline in this day and age, with smaller numbers than ever before they are still something to fear.

The KKK in modern times has traded in their ceremonial white robes and hoods for olive drab army fatigues.  In certain parts of the country, namely the south, KKK Klansmen and other white supremacist factions take advantage of their Second Amendment rights and train militia members how to operate firearms and practice tactical drills.  Although the KKK is always practicing their right to bear arms it is important to note that this modern era has seen far less hate crimes since the inception of the KKK.  The practice of their drills seems to be nothing more than preparation for when federalist actions may force the integration of unwanted policies to the KKK which they will fight and perhaps die for.

Why Hate

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Although the Ku Klux Klan is undoubtedly one of major hate groups in the country, one thing to consider is the fact that the KKK is in its ideals more of a group about white pride.  The many hate crimes that they outwardly committed in the past have been replaced with internal white supremacist views.  The KKK today is not the same hate group it was in the past; they no longer openly condone hate crimes.  They are impartial to people who commit hate crimes, which they do not advocate although it does follow in their ideology.  The Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist hate groups are strictly monitored by the federal government, so Klansmen and skin heads always tread cautiously when it comes to actual hate crimes.  The Ku Klux Klan is here to stay in America, and each and every one of them including all the hate groups have the right to believe in what they do under the bill of rights as long as their ideology only consists of speech and belief nothing can be done to do away with them.  The KKK understands that they can no longer go through cleansing the population with massive hate crimes, what they do rely on is the fear that the KKK history instills in their opponents.

The Klan is built upon complex philosophies and ideologies that are both complex and intriguing. From white supremacy to nationalism this section of our site is dedicated to interpreting the semantics behind the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Everyone and everything can be justified with fundamental philosophies and ideologies. Please navigate the article directory above to get a detailed account of the philosophies and ideologies behind the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) as they have evolved throughout history.