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KKK fliers left in Hanover neighborhood

1 219x300 KKK fliers left in Hanover neighborhoodHanover County, VA— Mechanicsville residents woke up to find unusual deliveries on their driveways on Sunday morning.

The police arrived at Hanover Farms after residents contacted them about the unusual recruitment flyers from the Ku Klux Klan. The fliers depict the infamous KKK hooded figure between a pair of crosses. The text of the flier contain messages such as, “The KKK Wants You!” and “The law abiding citizens of your community can sleep in peace tonight know the Klan is on the prowl.”

Apparently, these KKK fliers were left by Klan members during the night. They were placed inside plastic bags and weighted down with rocks to keep them in place. A similar KKK flier incident was reported in Arkansas recently.

The police recovered about a dozen more similar KKK flyers dropped off at several other houses in the neighborhood. It remains unknown as to why the KKK left the notes on select houses only.

Residents were surprised to find out that the KKK still exists in Virginia. Some were uncomfortable and scared of the KKK being on the “prowl.” Theodore Olson, a resident who reported the incident to the police, expressed his suspicion and collected a handful of the KKK recruitment fliers to give to the police as evidence in case something unfortunate happens in the neighborhood.

The Sheriff’s Department of Hanover explains that they couldn’t do anything about it since the KKK did not do anything against the law. However, the incident was still noted because it concerned the security of residential areas at night.


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‘KKK’ graffiti targets Rockingham County High School

2 300x225 ‘KKK’ graffiti targets Rockingham County High SchoolWENTWORTH, N.C. — Another Rockingham County school building has been vandalized with graffiti referencing the “KKK.”

After the “KKK and Obama” graffiti in a neighborhood in Richmond Heights, Sheriff Sam Page of Wentworth, North Carolina received reports about the discovery of several “KKK” graffiti all over the Rockingham County High School campus on Wednesday morning.

The Sheriff’s Office received reports early Wednesday, Nov.7, that several black and white vandalisms where found “throughout the school campus” located at 180 High School Road. According to the press release from the sheriff’s office, the graffiti included offensive language referencing the high school and ‘KKK’ in several locations.

The Sheriff’s office has refused to release photos of the “KKK” graffiti due to its graphic and inflammatory content.

Sheriff Page asserts that the principal and the school administration have already been notified with this incident.

This is the second time the Rockingham County High School was vandalized this week. The first incident occurred on Friday, Nov. 2, wherein several markings were also found across the campus. The difference with the present incident is that the past graffiti referenced Morehead High School. According to Page, the previous graffiti did not use foul or racially-offensive language

Although several KKK referencing activities have been surfacing recently, it is still unknown if the incident is directly related to the KKK. The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s cooperation to identify the offender responsible for these vandalisms. Anyone who can provide information may contact the sheriff’s office at (336) 634-3232.


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Man arrested for KKK and Obama graffiti in Richmond Heights, Missouri

3 300x200 Man arrested for KKK and Obama graffiti in Richmond Heights, MissouriRICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo.— A 24-year old white man was put in custody for spray-painting “KKK” vandalisms in a neighborhood in Richmond Heights on Sunday.

Authorities dismissed hate issues, stating that the suspect appeared incoherent and “just walked around and hit houses and cars he felt like vandalizing.” A resident claimed that the man seemed drunk. He was also inconsistent and did not appear affiliated to any political group; scrawling KKK on some houses and defacing cars by spray-painting them with President Obama’s last name.

The man damaged a total of two houses and seven cars through the “KKK” and “Obama” vandalisms. Victims were both white and African-American households in Weston Place, Bredell Avenue and Thomas Avenue.

A spokesperson from the KKK is prompt in denying that the KKK is in any way related to the incident. In an email, the spokesperson said that property damage and other types of similar acts “do not come from true Klansmen.”

KKK is the acronym of the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist group in the United States. The KKK had been notorious for hate crimes and violent means to attain racial segregation and white supremacy. Their name is often used to by other unrelated people to express racist opinions and to spread fear among many non-white Americans.

Richmond Heights is a diverse, middle class suburb in St. Louis County. According to Richmond Heights Mayor James Beck, the neighborhood consists of both whites and African-American residents. Residents couldn’t believe that such a thing happened in their neighborhood.



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